Download BPMinus

Music has advanced enormously over the last few years and new genres of music and musicians have come into use. Bpminus helps the present day musician to modernize his music and learn completely new repertoire. Using this software, the user can listen to his composition at his own convenient pace, while keeping the pitch as well as sound quality constant and maintained. It has a variety of developed in-built tools that help the user to learn difficult lyrics and passages with ease. Most importantly, it is very user-friendly and also customizable. With the help of this software, the user can alter the given tempo of a song without bringing any change in its pitch or quality. There is variety of methods available to control the tempo, giving the user a number of options to choose the best sound for the composition he is working with.

There are also different types of pitch adjustments that are integrated within this software.  These are independent of tempo alterations. Thus, without causing any changes in the time, the track can be heard at different octaves! The software supports all well known audio file formats without any additional program. Moreover it also has an extensive add-on system that enables users to incorporate almost all available file formats. Vector interfacing is available in this software, which means that the user can get an enlarged and clearer display of the entire application without compromising on picture quality and clarity.

This perfectly creates a virtual studio environment for practise where the musician can be some distance away from the screen. The special part about Bpminus is that, it allows the user to work with a specific portion of the song over and over again by simply dragging the mouse! The beat analysis tool displays both the original as well as the active tempo to give the musician a real feel of playing at different tempos.