Download Backstage

The software Backstage is a media oriented software that helps the administrator to take the backup music files from one iPod or any music player to windows-pc or any Mac. The software was first published in the year 2007 by The Widgetfab publishing group and others. This software is very useful to handle a bulk size of music library. Although it is categorized in MP3 & Audio software collection, but in contains some media configured operating tools. Thus it is needed to sub-categorize in the music management software system. It is supported by almost every kind of windows operating system like windows XP to windows 2000, windows 7 and windows 8.

In case of Mac, it requires a mac operating system to run the program. To jog the program, it needs only a Java applicable applications and a suitable operating system. The size of the software is not more than 1 Mb but it is very useful and easy to configure and user friendly. The software Backstage is a great deal of back up options in case of emergency. In case of emergency, if one computer or laptop is stolen, the administrator could recover all of his music and media files through it efficiently and very easily.

This tool also consists of a database that stores all the media files in it and keeps a back-up of every file. In case if the original copy get lost, the backup files are used instead of it. One can use the computer or laptop as an iPod using this software. The music files are transferred in the computers and can be played selectively according to the wish of the user. In case of Mac, some additional options are there too. For that only original Mac operating system is only required. For all the music lovers, this software is a must to use.