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Wouldn’t it be nice to have your music library all sorted and looked after without you manually doing it? Every time you save a new audio file, do you have to go through the pain of categorizing and ordering them in turn loosing precious amount of time? Well, with AudioExpert Free Edition you no longer have to. AudioExpert Free Edition is the ultimate tool for you, that merge, cleans-up, sorts, organizes and manages your music library and music archives to the core. AudioExpert Free Edition supports all formats like MP3, MP4, WMA, OGG, FLAC, WAV and AAC.

AudioExpert Free Edition is a software program that not only manages your music library but also sorts other small sets of libraries in your computer. For example, you can integrate the designated library with the MP3 player. If in case you adjust an association, this software will automatically modify itself and memorize the adjustment. With this tool, it becomes easy to administer and manage your music libraries. . The AudioExpert Free Edition also modifies the ID3 tags of the filenames automatically. Not only does it manage libraries but also searches and hunts down duplicates automatically after scanning all the archives.

AudioExpert Free Edition will make sure that when a similar file is imported into the system, which is already present in the library, that music file reaches the same folder where the similar file also exists. This software is truly an expert in management and synchronizing, making all the work that was once done manually by the user, automatically done without the need of the user. The AudioExpert Free Edition is available in the market for free as well as paid. The free edition has a limit of handling and changing a maximum of 5000 titles and databases. The AudioExpert Free Edition has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use. This tool gives the user the liberty to have a vast collection of music and forget about the management of it. Truly the AudioExpert Free Edition is a marvelous software program for any music collector.