Audio Tags Editor

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It has been found that many users don’t make the proper use of tags that are present inside the various audio files that they keep a collection of. The tags are basically designed to store additional information such as the title of the track, artist of the track and much more. So as in order to help the user to understand these audio tags, the ABF software Inc. has developed special software named as the Audio Tags Editor that enables the user to collect all types of audio information, maintain proper order of music files and folders and much more.

The Audio Tags Editor is a very powerful and favourable audio file and folder tag editor. The software helps to separate tag editing dialogues and edit them accordingly. The program helps to receive the album information from a public Free DB Database, which in turn helps the user to arrange the music information in order of occurrence within a click or so. The software also has a flexible interface that can be customize so as to meet all the requirements of the user such as the menus, the order of the list of columns and size of the tracks, etc. The Audio Tags Editor software has also got features like organizing and making a proper structure for the music collection directly right from the software. The application also helps to make any certain changes in the respected files or folders with the help of the base keys like the copy, move, delete and rename options.

With all such features the Audio Tags Editor software becomes a complete package for carrying any functions related to the tags of the tracks and much more. The software is at first published in a trial version of a size 1.9 MB, keeping the satisfaction of the user in mind, but its full version is also available with a nominal price so that the dealer does not face any delay for using the software. The program supports a system requirement of CPU 80386/486 of an IBM based PC which should have a RAM of 16 MB and a SVGA video card with a high colour mode.