Download AllDub

The AllDub software is nothing but a search engine for the duplicates files. Experts taking the duplicate files are one of the major rising problems in computing now days. Thus to avoid such hazard, these type of software are been developed.

The contrast between the original and the duplicate is very marginal to accept. Thus to differentiate the both files there is a huge demand of AllDub. The program was developed in the year of 2012 by Michael Thummerer software design organization. The software basically consists of a high speed search engine. Thus it has a transparent body and simple nature to work. With an easy manual to work with, it was designed for the use of all. Thus it is accepted in all the windows operating systems. It includes windows 2000, windows XP, windows vista to windows 7. With advance technology it has both the basic configuration. Managing and utilization is a part of the application of AllDub. It is very independent in nature, as its requirements are very little. It takes only about 4 MB of hard disc space to fit in and operate.

AllDub has got a very fast search engine, which matches the beat rate of the processor. With the help of the file search algorithm, it has a unique method of searching. There are some parameters through which the mapping is been done. It includes file matching, file name, content, important details and date of modify etc. Not only data files, with the help of this program one can search any type of media file, document, images and everything it requires. It can operate in separate drives at the same time working on another file simultaneously. AllDub is very flexible in case of finding the desired file. It gives the user several choices to choose the right one from various options. It is definitely a must use for everyone.