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The software AddaWav can connect and add wave files as much as possible together at a time easily. Else this software can produce many tasks like converting a media file into any other desired type. AddaWav was first published by the GeoffPhillips in the year 2003. The software is categorized in the MP3 & Audio software division. Although it consists of many features related to music management, thus is sub-categorized in music management software section also.

This software is very easy to configure and it has a good reputation of efficient working. Thus it is supported by most other windows operating systems, like windows 2000, windows XP, Windows NT, windows 98 and all. It has a long list of additional programs required to run this operation. This software entails windows 2003 SP 1, windows XP AMD 64 bit, windows XP 64 bit SP 1, windows NT 4 SP 2 and many more others suitable operating systems. Else the size of the software is only about 4 MB, thus the hard disc space is also not a problem for it too. It also assists the administrator in making a MP3.

After reading the important data from a CD, AddaWav helps the user to make a CD from the decoded data before. It is a smarter way to use AddaWav than the conventional old process. User can also see the list of things to be decoded and use. The conventional sound editing tools is much slower and complex process than this one. And for the wav files joining together, it is much simpler too. It has got a separate database to save the files modify by it. Thus when there is a lack of space in the hard disc, this software can merge the files together and join it. Thus it saves time, and space of hard disc than creating a new file.

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