Download mtvU Media Centre

mtvU Media Centre is the name for a highly intuitive as well as important program, which is highly appreciated by millions of students. This program conveys the only network, which works for 24*7 and only dedicated to broadcasting music videos. This application is all about emerging music and everything that you love about your college. Over 730 college campuses and over 7 million students are taking advantages of this high profile broadcasting software.

This mtvU Media Centre is one broadcasting channel for music videos from the emerging artists that you have never heard of. These music videos could not be found anywhere else except the mtvU Media Centre.

Even short form series including stand in are being broadcasted. Great individuals and global icons like Madonna, Bill Gates, Marilyn Manson, Tom Wolfe can take a class for the day. Even several different short films are also broadcasted for the emerging minds. This software is free and requires Windows XP OS.

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