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Due to new emerging technologies, it is now possible to create a karaoke file from your favorite song file. This is done by applications that remove vocal sounds out of any audio file. These applications then use a processing that strips the center vocals leaving behind only background. Today, you find a variety of options for such tools in the market.

Magic Vocal Remover is such a tool designed for helping you create karaoke audio files using a simple MP3 file. It is capable of removing any vocal sound from your song. It is perfect to maintain the quality of your normal audio files and keep the original music in them but without the singing voice. You will be able to sing anything you want from now on, using this amazing software. All you need to do is select your favorite music file from your disk or internet and click a button. Leave the rest to the program. Once it is converted, you have the option to save the new file to any location or send to CD or a player. You are now free to use the karaoke file with any media player.

The program features a plain and user friendly interface that makes it easy and interesting to convert audio files. It supports all popular audio formats for the input tracks. It is capable of allowing bulk uploads and conversion. The powerful tool uses the technology called the waveform sound inversion which automatically detects the centered vocals and their echos and removes or reduces them to leave behind the background music that you can use to sing your favorite songs.

It will provide excellent results, without echo, distortions or errors. You won't be able to hear the voice of your favorite artists at any time.

It comes with a cool layout and amazing interface, very accessible for every karaoke singer in the world.


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