Download Karaoke Song List Creator 2013

Karaoke Song List Creator 2013, as is evident from its name, is a simple tool that is intended to help users create a catalogue of all their Karaoke discs in a simple, fast, and easy manner. Designed and developed by Airwer Ltd, you can check out this utility on a free trial basis. However, the trial version comes with limited functionalities. Designed for Windows platform, you can implement this utility in almost all Windows based systems. The tool claims to offer a simple to use and intuitive interface that makes working with the tool a breeze.

Some of the important components of the interface are the song list section, the pull down menus, the toolbars, and the disc code window. The utility comes integrated with the complete list of all Karaoke discs. You just need to select a particular manufacturer’s disc, and the tool displays all the codes related to that manufacturer. To create a list, you just need to select the code that you need or that matches your disc. And the list will be created for you with all the songs or tracks in this category. You can also add songs from your own CDs by using the import option that can be activated using the Add button.

It also offers a Search function that helps you to quickly find the disc or song you are looking for. And once you have created your customized list, you can printout your own songbook. Based on your preferences, you can select the font, color, size, etc; and print out your songs. The tool also offers the option to create different categories based on different criteria such as manufacturer, artist, title, or even the track number. If you possess a Karaoke Disc, this tool is something that is worth checking out. It claims to be an ideal tool for categorizing and cataloging all your discs.

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