Download Karaoke Lookup

The file size of Karaoke Lookup is 2.08 MB. This program enables the user to tag and then play their favorite song. The interface of the software has been improved to make more sizable and movable columns to help the user. The program also helps to maintain a very well organized list of the singers or artists or the genre of music. One can also very quickly go through the database to find out the title, genre or artiste of a particular song.

This program is highly functional for d.js as they can quickly figure out the song that they want to play. The database acts as a reserve and a resource at the same time. This is time efficient as the user does not have to go through the trouble of going through the information about every song instead; one can give a particular feed to find out the information about the given song. Song can be periodically added and removed from the database without much problem.

This makes the work easy for the user. One can also prepare the next list of songs or singers those have to be played under the given program. This program has been engineered to make life and work easy. The users who have been register can also avail the free updates about the program. It supports a database of Access 97 or that of 2000/XP as a database.

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