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Karaoke CD+G Creator Pro is a powerful Professional extension to the familiar Karaoke CD+G Creator. This is a powerful tool to help the user make their own compositions and also to improve their singing ability. This tool is specifically designed for those who like the karaoke songs. It has all the features of Karaoke CD+G Creator along with some additional features which we will be discussing in detail. This product is a Karaoke CDG authoring tool with plenty of options for the user to exploit their creativity. It allows a user to create a Karaoke CDG song from scratch or also import KAR files from the net.

This tool basically allows a user to erase the existing voice in their favorite audio song and allows them to insert their own voice in the existing music, thereby creating a very effective music file, at least for the user themselves. This professional version provides features wherein the user can use the overwrite mode keep themselves in sync with songs of fast pace. It also allows the user to use the scrolling mode, whereby the user can input as many words as possible to the lyrics of the song. There are many noticeable features in the Duet mode of this application. There is a screen for displaying the split duet lyrics. It also has a screen to display the lyrics of concurrent singers. It also has provisions for displaying the lyrics in multiple languages. What else we need to edit and compose our own songs.

This application certainly comes with a cost and if you are a music fan, especially Karaoke music, it is worth every penny you pay for this software. Keeping in mind the international audience, this application supports universal character support with Unicode compatibility and also allows right to left editions, keeping in mind the Arabic users. This application is a very powerful tool with respect to multiple file conversions and generation of batch files as output.  In all, this tool allows you to have great fun, discover the musical talent in you, and encourages you to be a good singer.

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