Download Duplicate Image Finder

Duplicate Image Finder is an extremely efficient application for locating duplicate images, which tend to eat up a lot of storage space on computers and compromise with their performance. This tool provides a highly intuitive interface, which allows its users to conduct a search and spot all such duplicate files with utmost of ease and efficiency. In fact, users get to select the specific disc on which they want this tool to conduct a thorough scan and locate duplicates.

Duplicate Image Finder program performs a through scan on every selected disc and provide a detailed list of the image files that may be corrupt. This tool displays blazing speed and locates up to 4,000 images in matter of minutes. Users can specify the familiarity percentage and this tool will show only those image files that have familiarity with any other image present on the disc beyond that level. Finally, users can opt to delete those duplicate files directly from the software or do so after manually locating them.

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