Virtual DJ Station

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Mixing different media files manually is almost an impossible task to perform. It is only possible when quality software support is present. Now, in this condition, the software, which can help the user the most, is Virtual DJ Station. It is the software that allows the user to mix different tracks without any troubles at all. It mixes the files in real time and by doing so; it makes an audio mix CD. This software can mix different formats of music files and makes it a single file.

The user can include music files of different formats, like – WAV, WMA, MP3, AAC, CDA to this software from the hard drive and it can mix them in no time. This tool works as a turntable mixing studio for the user. It also helps the user to record mixes and also to dub vocals. This software comes with a lot of features; and all these makes the task of mixing the music files easy for the user. The software possesses a playlist editor that allows the user to edit the media files and playlists in just one click.

The software also comes with features, like -- pitch control, which makes the mixing quality extremely high. Arch utility of this software allows the user to search media files of his or her choice. It also comes with audio CD creator feature, media pool database, AutoDJ feature and many more. The software is fast, and it is extremely easy to use. The user interface is highly interactive, and it helps the user to understand the working mechanism of the tool in a better way. All these features together make this software one of the best in its category, and many people are trying to get it for their needs.