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Radio is one of the most desired things in our life. One would find any kind of music with a lot of variety in the FM radio station. Hence configuring radio in our computer or laptop is really a big step towards modernization. Here DjSoft software development authority presents RadioLogger, software which can configure radio in a pc or laptop.

The software was launched in the market about August 2012. It has a unique range of working domain. The software Radio Logger can access the world space radio through the networks of internet medium. The software is ranged in the MP3 & Audio Software category for its radio configuring ability. And music management software sub-category for the latest technical part included. It concludes with a very sleek and transparent design with an easy and simple mechanism for everyone’s use. These factors lead the software to a great reputation in the operating system zone. Where all the windows operating systems, such that windows Vista, windows XP, windows 7 and 8 are all aware of it. And most importantly, it is very independent in nature and can work on its own. It doesn’t need any other additional software other than a suitable operating system and 4 MB of hard disc space to fit in itself.

Radio Logger allows the user to access all the international as well as national radio channels via the internet medium in a laptop or personal computer. One could even save the channel list on the software database for further use even. And what else, one can also record the live FM on air in the computer hard disc. Although it requires a 24 hours gap between two successive recordings but it is cleared enough to be like the original. Else RadioLogger is one of the most important software required in our daily life.

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