Ingenus Soft DJ

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Ingenus Soft DJ or MP3 DJ as it is popularly known is basically a mixing console software. This mixing console has a unique feature, which are the two mixing decks that are independent of each other. The mixing consoles each have distinctive features like each has an all inclusive array of playback and control features. The mixing consoles in this software Ingenus Soft DJ also have a VU display, an end-track warning and also a time display feature. These features set this software aside from all other such similar software that may be available.

You can now choose a separate output for every playback deck; thanks to the multiple sound card support feature of this software. The same multiple sound card support also means that separate jingles and also separate monitors may have different outputs. The other important feature that comes as a part of this program is its BPM or Beats per minute detection capability. It has an oscilloscope and also a dual and independent spectrum analysis.

Ingenus Soft DJ has a memory of 10-band EQ per deck. This software also has a complete recall for volume settings and EQ. Other features include pitch or stretch playback speed ability and also jingle pads. Ingenus Soft DJ allows the user a chance of splitting the cross fades. MP3 mixing thus becomes more seamless due to the specific mixing strategy adopted by this cross fade method. Because of this unique feature in the intermittent period of cross fade between two tracks there is no dip in the volume. This also allows the user a more all inclusive cuing facility. It has an easy user interface.