Download DJServ

Now-a-day weddings are transformed into fun places because of the DJs are turning the tables to music. Be it a DJ playing his music in a wedding or a party, or a live performance in a city, a software is needed that can make their work easier without manual faults. DJServ is non-stop music software that is meant for mobile DJs and parties where music is played non-stop. With DJServ, the user does not need to personally check and play songs every time.

The DJServ has a built-in playlist creator, which schedules the tracks to be played and plays them automatically without any help from the user. This is also advantageous for live performances where in a short time-frame music needs to be maintained. This software can play music, which is of MP3, WAV, WMA and OGG formats. It also has an automated radio player. DJServ is an internet Radio Broadcasting Software, which gives you the option of listening to a number of international radio stations over the internet. It is also available in the market for trial, after which the user needs to buy the software if he finds it applicable to his needs.

The DJServ runs on Windows remote server, which has no physical devices installed, thus, making virtual audio devices as its standard. This software also gives you an authentic surreal sound quality as it has an audio chain that includes audio compression, giving you better quality of sound while a track is played. It does not compromise in its speed and efficiency and has other features that include playlist editing and the ability to lay FLAC files. With DJServ the users are free to make playlists as well as give the program the details of the type of music to be played and will automatically play the type of songs which the user assigns.