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D’Accord Guitar Method is a great product for intermediate guitar players. The teaching method is detailed and advanced. With clear and descriptive visuals and high quality audio tracks, this guitar lesson software program helps you learn the complex theory behind music and guitar without much difficulty. The premise is quite challenging, and helps you learn the tricks of the trade in details. At a point in one of the first lessons, the software asks you to identify a major chord from a minor chord based solely on the sound.

The product can be installed without any problems, and within minutes you are given with your first lesson. D’Accord Guitar Method succeeds in teaching some of the complex techniques and skills involved in guitar playing with ease, by utilizing animated characters. You will love the visuals of this software as they clearly and effectively elaborate on very single topic. However, it lacks a majority of features that is expected from a guitar lesson software program. D’Accord Guitar Method adopts the unconventional method of beginning with chords rather than basic notes or rhythm, which is best suited for intermediate guitar players as they don’t have to waste time redoing the basics.

The lessons cover a lot of material and it succeeds in teaching chords, counting notes, intervals and rhythm, all in a relative short period of time. D’Accord Guitar Method provides an animated fret board that acts as a detailed guide to finger positioning. For more complex songs, accompaniment is provided to help you hear how a musical composition is supposed to come together. The above mentioned features makes the software best suited for people who are looking to polish their guitar skills or want to do a lot of research before beginning to learn.

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