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If you are in search of a tool, which enables you to produce professional crosswords, then Crossword Wizard is the right choice. Crossword Wizard is a tool for students, teachers and puzzle fans, etc. to create professional type of puzzles. One need to do is to create a puzzle to type the clues and words first or one can also use the built in dictionary for this purpose. Then a graphic design needs to be added or followed by a shape for the puzzle. And in matter of time you will have a crossword puzzle ready. Using the Crossword Wizard software, one can create puzzles on spelling, foreign languages, vocabulary, topic reviews, newsletters, websites, etc. Add the proper graphic design, which suites your theme and add background graphics to improve the presentation of the puzzle and generate more interest. You can also generate a dozen of different types of puzzles from one word or clue list.

The Crossword Wizard has a lot of features, many of which are new. It has a new toolbar and a new interface, which allows it to be run better on larger screens. All the international set of characters has been installed. Upgraded HTML output and localization of the menu in Italian and French make it a must have crossword generator. There are no blackout and no restriction on the word length. There has also been an addition of upgraded error checking and several other type of error checking has been incorporated. Also a new control for graphic insertion has been added so that the graphic can fit proportionately. It works on all the version of Windows and requires at least 256 MB of RAM. Generally two versions are available, FULL and LITE. The LITE version of the tool has only the main features and is cheaper than the FULL version.