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Optical media are by far the best ways to create permanent backups of the files and folders as well as they have the highest compatibility because they are also supported on all CD and DVD players. But files cannot be easily transferred in optical media like USB drives and Hard Drives. Writing to optical media requires special software and UltraISO Premium is one of the best for this purpose as it has a number of options.

The software has the ability to burn on optical media that can be supported on a wide number of platforms from PCs to disk players as well as consoles. Creating images allow the users to mount them on virtual drives so that the user does not need to burn the files to disk in emergency situations. Bootable media can also be created to boot the PC when the user faces a serious problem. Conversion between various formats is also possible so that the images are supported by all the disk burning software.

Thus the software can be considered as a full-fledged piece of disk burning software for both novice as well as experienced users. Advanced features are also available for the expert users. UltraISO Premium runs well on all the running versions of Windows like Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

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