Download Solid MKV to DVD Converter and Burner

MKV is a popular video format available nowadays. These file formats are supported generally on the computers, but what about those people, who want to enjoy those files on their favorite DVD players! Solid MKV to DVD Converter and Burner will help the users in this scenario. This software has the sole feature to convert the MKV files to DVD format so that they can be seamlessly recorded to DVDs.

Not only MKV files, the software also acts as a converter for video files with other formats also. Users can add 32 subtitles for a single video, which makes it possible for all the users to enjoy a movie. Easy chapter customization on the DVDs allows the users to easily differentiate between various parts of a DVD movie. The chief advantage of the software is that it records videos and movies to the DVDs after encoding, as a result of which, the users do not require any separate encoder or decoder.

The DVD creation can be customized in the way exactly a user wants with pictures, texts and many other things. The software has an easy user interface, which makes the software easily usable for users of all levels. The help file provides sufficient information about the various tools available with the software.

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