Download Nero Burning ROM 2014

CDs and DVDs are indeed the best ways to preserve important memories or files permanently or they can be efficiently used as backups. Nero Burning ROM 2014 helps the users to create CDs and DVDs with the most important files from a wide number of options available to be used by them.

The software has the option to create data disks that allow the users to create CDs and DVDs with any kind of files so that they are supported on all the optical drives on all the computers. It allows the users to create audio disks which can be readable by all the disk players. Users can create the Video disks in the way they want to make it with the help of this software and users can also add subtitles and can even customize the covers and chapters for the DVDs. Users can create disk images so that they could be burnt later to CDs and DVDs and can also be supported by the virtual drives.

Ripping is also supported to convert audio files on the audio disks to mp3 formats or other formats that can be stored on the computer. The software is a complete package for the purpose of disk burning and Nero Burning ROM 2014 runs properly on all the standard versions of Windows like Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

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