Download My MP3 Splitter

My MP3 Splitter serves as the perfect tool for cutting short a song, extracting your favourite clip or splitting a particular recording into small tracks. Developed by ZXT2007, My MP3 Splitter is free to download and can be enjoyed in any MP3 player as the clip created by this software possesses the same quality of sound as of your original MP3.

The layout window consists of two tabs, ID3T V1 tab, enabling user to enter and edit data and other tab is the standard one for channels and sample rates. For extracting a particular portion of the music file, the user needs to play the track, mark the start and then the end of the track. Next comes saving the extracted MP3 clip. One can also cut the desired segment of file, delete it and save the rest. Multi-coloured start and end tags make it very easy to operate. One can edit clip’s metadata as well as comments by using ID3T tag.

The software is available in five languages like English, German, Spanish, Italian and French. Compatible with platforms like Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista, it is very user-friendly.An application designed for music lovers and MP3 utilities users, it works great if one wants to make MP3 ringtone from a MP3 download. With a very easy to use and stylish interface, this software is worth having in your must have tools list.

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