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MagicDisc software is ideal for virtual CD and DVD discs, which makes it possible for the users to enjoy the experience of playing the real thing without having to open and close the disc tray. In fact, this tool is capable of creating as many as 15 virtual discs, which the users can configure and use like any real disc such as audio CDs, DVDs, rewritable discs, and game discs.

MagicDisc application allows its users to create audio programs on virtual discs, as well as, save them as ISO images, and play them like a real audio CD as well, without having to go through all the trouble of burning them to a disc. Moreover, this tool enables its users to make good use of some of its other features such as the options for encryption, compression, and mounting of discs.

MagicDisc program provides its users with a wizard-like interface, which enables them to create and mount disc images with utmost ease and convenience. Moreover, this tool allows its users to edit, unmount, and burn the disc images to real discs with few simple clicks. Users can select from a number of formats for their output discs. Thus, it makes for a perfect choice for creating and using virtual discs with greater ease and convenience than what experienced while using real discs.

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