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If you are looking for a perfect DVD copy software, ImTOO DVD is something you should go for. There are two reasons attributed to this, first is its cost effective price, and the second is the quality output which it generates. It copies the videos, without much altering the quality of the content which has been copied. This software is a good option for people, who just wish to have a simple DVD copy software, without any fancy requirements. The most attractive feature of this product, is that one has the option to keep or discard the special effects on a DVD.

All the tools of this software is user friendly, and that it can be used by anybody. The software comes with a manual, which one can refer, if they feel that they need technical assistance. It also compresses the content of two CD’s into one and thus, saves a lot of time of the users. ImTOO DVD comes with an inbuilt CSS decryptor, which means that one need not undergo the trouble of downloading the decryptor separately, in order to make sure that the software is functioning smoothly. This is something which has been appreciated by the customers a lot.

There are not much tools available in ImTOO DVD, this ensures that the customers do not get confused with functionalities of the tools. Using this software one can copy the content in three modes they are clone copy, movie only or customization. From above one can easily make out that ImTOO DVD software has all the features which one would like to see in a DVD copy software, and this is perhaps the reason why, the software has left a deep impact on the minds of its customers. If one wishes to know more about this product they can log on to the official website of the product.

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