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Want to have a simple DVD copy software on your computer? Then DVD95Copy is something which one should ought to buy it. Like other DVD copy software, the main function of DVD95Copy is to copy movies and other video content into a CD. It also has the ability to compress the content of two DVD’s and make it into one, without much altering the quality of the copied content. But however, one should make sure that they have downloaded the CSS decryptor, before installing the software on the computer, to ensure the smooth functioning of the software on the computer.

The best part about this software is that, it is compatible with DVD-R dual layer output media, and it allows its users to have a choice over the items and the clippings which they would like to have in their video or omit them. It also has the ability to back up episodic DVD’s, which makes it all the more popular among the customers. The software offers variety of compression options, which enables the users to compress the copied video according to one’s choice and needs, and one can exercise their control over the compression functioning of the software, that is if the video is compressed a lot, than what it is required, one can go back and change the settings.

As far as its installation is concerned, there has been no such problem reported by the customers. All the tools on the software is user friendly, the software comes along with a user manual, which can referred by anybody, if they come across any kind of technical difficulty. The advanced features of this product, and the clarity of the output which it produces, has won everybody’s heart in the town. And this is perhaps the reason why it has been declared as one of the best selling DVD copy software in the market.

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