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“Options” that is what you will love about this software. DVD Wizard Pro not only lets you copy one DVD to another, but it gives gamers the option of backing up their video game collections, it creates quality copies of PS3, Xbox 360, GameCube, PSP, to name a few. And what’s more, provides updates for free! Most families still love to use VHS videos. Home videos and Disney are some of the things people will never get rid of. For these home relics, DVD Wizard Pro provides an option to convert them into DVDs and they can be enjoyed over and over again. Just make sure that you have the right kind of hardware for this.

DVD Wizard Pro is versatile. You can copy DVD movies to DVDRs or CDRs so that it can be played in VCD capable DVD players. For games, you can copy them into DVDs if your console is installed with a mod chip. These mod chips can be purchased from a variety of manufacturers. In this way, DVD Wizard Pro provides an efficient way of backing up the discs. The ease to use has increased with DVD Wizard Pro 5.75. The instructions are very useful, it includes step-by-step help information and images to assist its users. The installation is faster and you only have to download only one product to accomplish the task.

The copy quality is simply perfect, with efficient speacial features and menu options. There aren’t any annoying watermarks or identifiable markers hidden within the copied movie. You will be pleased to see that there are no distortions and the picture quality is top-notch. Ultimately, DVD Wizard Pro is a terrific and versatile DVD copy software product. Its makers have done a good job by targetting audiences such as gamers, and created options to backup their favorite games.

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