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Burn Protector Enterprise is one of those applications that ensure security management for CD, DVD or BLU-RAY and implements permissions to burn user’s folders and files. It is a reliable app which is designed to ensure the privacy of various organizations. One of the best features of this tool is it can be used on multiple computers at a time.

Burn Protector Enterprise software ensures IT environment from burning susceptible data that might pose a threat to the company if by chance leaked. In this way the software keeps a check whether responsive data is not burnt accidentally or intentionally. The tool employs features such as scanning protected computers which include recently installed burning permissions on individual computers and excellent management and security skills. It also supports enhanced reports and various stats.

Burn Protector Enterprise supports multiple servers, unstoppable option, self starting options, easy to use and user friendly interface. Auto-scanning, auto-importing capabilities and administration process are the highlights of the software. It can also block file execution process on devices of monitored systems. The platform requirement is suitable on all system for this software. Burn Enterprise even collects information regarding burning and configuration that are helpful to network administrators to keep a constant track and maintain protected PC’s.

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