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When people talk about DVD copy software, the first name which strikes our mind is that of 1Click DVD copy 5. The reason behind this, is its cost effective price and the little time it takes in copying a program on a device, in fact it is one of the quickest application ever designed to meet the requirements of the customers. One can add or delete any sequence while copying the required data on their device. This software also has the ability to copy episodic DVD movies, one can save back the DVD in the hard drive which they don’t want to burn.

Like other DVD copy software, it can also compress the original size of the video, according to the user’s requirements. The 1 Click DVD copy has been topping the charts in the market, when it came to DVD copy software. While copying the content, the software ensures that the original copy of the video or movie is retained, and adds other changes, which could enhance the quality of the copied content. The use of this software on computer, does not harm the existing applications on the computer, and the software makes sure that the copied content is played flawlessly.

1Click DVD copy 5 software detects any kind of encrypted cd, which the users are likely to install to copy the software, and does not copy the required content of that particular cd. All the tools of the software are easy to be used, as it involves all the common functionalities of windows application, and can be installed without much problem. If one wishes to know more about this software, they can log onto the official website of the product, or can all the customer service number if they feel that the help provided by the website is not adequate.

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