Download Big Brother Mash-up Files

Big Brother Mash-up Files, this software is basically designed for the music and video enthusiasts. This particular piece of software is a brilliant option for those individuals who love to edit and mash-up different video and audio files, for getting their hit counters rising. If you want to go social with your mash-up videos, this certainly is the tool you required. Big Brother Mash-up Files can be really helpful software for uploading your favourite videos in a mashed-up profile.

You can select your favourite videos and make 30 second files out of them. Then you have to batch select all the 30 second video file clippings and the software will combine those files for creating a mash-up file. After that, you will get opportunity to upload the mash-up file on the web or any other social networking sites. You can also vote for your own uploaded mash-up video and get your friends to vote for you.

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