Download BB Flashback Express

BB Flashback Express from the developers Blueberry comes with the main objective given of recording video clips or still pictures, from different websites. Also, you can record your on-screen activity with this BB Flashback Express pretty conveniently, for your own personal use. When it comes to record some on-screen video clips to be uploaded and you can’t get a trace of where to start from, the BB Flashback Express is just the right tool for you.

Once you have installed the software, you will be given two different icons on your desktop. One is the BB Flashback express recorder and the other one is for the BB player. The recorder can run simultaneously with or without the involvement of the player and can play recorded videos at your will.

Captures on screen activity, initiates recording of video with webcam and the microphone. This software serves a browser like interface with re-assuring tabs to upload the recorded videos directly to YouTube or any other favorable website.

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