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As the name indicates, Total Video Player is an all in all player which could play any format of audio and video files.  The latest version offers a wide variety of formats to be played using this tool. The most mentionable formats are the latest and most widely used 3GP, which is used in all mobiles videos.  The other popular video formats supported include Mp4, Mov, H264, Flv, etc.  Even in the common video formats, it specifically supports different vendor formats like iPhone’s  mp4 formats, Apple TV formats, Nokia, Sony, etc, to name a few.  It is rare to find a common software tool player like this, supporting more than fifty audio and video formats, especially the latest and rare file formats.

It is not only the video formats it supports, but also the different types of audio formats played by the tool that needs a mention.  The most popular audio formats supported include Mp3, Wma, Ogg, Mpeg-1, Mpeg-2.  These are a few formats among the lot supported.  This player tool also supports any files stored in DVD, CD audios, and Swf flash files. To be precise, one of the good features observed with this tool is that, the manufactures have taken care to include as many types of formats available to be included in its software.  Also this tool allows us to edit files, both video and audio limited only to our imagination and capability.

This tool is published as a complete tool since there is no need to install any other packages such as codec, which is mostly required in many other similar tools.  Since it comes along with all other accessory software required for playing different audio and video files, it is comparatively faster and finally makes our day better. Above all it is free software to be downloaded and used.  What else we need to wait for a try.

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