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MV2Player is a freeware multimedia player application available for Windows systems. This media application is credited with lots of excellent features and is compared as superior with many other similar products. The first release of this player was in the year 2003, and thereafter with its subsequent upgrades, this player has established itself as one of the best in the industry. The tool looks simple with its features for a beginner. If you are a user who just plays songs and videos and nothing more, the tool looks humble. The more you analyze the tool and the more you use its features; the more you see its complications and advanced features.

The tool supports lots of multimedia, sub titles, and skin formats; and extends support for MicroDVD scripts, called as MVD and displays audio tracks. The tool also has provision for supporting external sub titles. The tool, during installation, prompts for the default language to be used and supports a multitude of language options. There is also a text to speech support, for its sub title features, along with the drag and drop feature, which is quite comfortable to play a song or video of preference in a quick mode. This tool has an admirable feature of setting the play speed, where the user can opt for slow motion play of both video and audio songs. The play list and catalogue features are quite powerful and has an admirable look and feel designed for the play list.

Admired by plenty of users and having a very strong customer base, this tool is well supported by the developer MV2 both through constant upgrades as well by customer support. The user friendly features, such as scan, which automatically scans the systems for new audio and video files and adds them to the catalogue, are greatly appreciated and utilized. Though the tool ensures support for all Window OS versions, the latest versions of OS have some trouble with certain features of the player application. These troubles are though very temporary, only during certain actions. Apart from these, there are no major issues faced with this tool. The widespread popularity and vast customer base are testimony for the quality and popularity of this tool.

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