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Gretech's GOM Audio is a music player dependent upon their GOM Media Player. GOM Audio is intended to handle all your sound: Mp3s and different indexes, CDs in the tray, and Internet radio and streams. It backs most sound arrangements, incorporating AAC records spared as M4as and excellent and lossless organizations like WAV and FLAC. Notwithstanding skins, playlists, and module help, GOM Audio offers an equalizer, A-B rehash, playback velocity control, and impacts like reverb and encompasses sound.

The most recent discharge, GOM Audio 2 also, characteristics better sending out of quite huge playlists and enhanced CD control and playback. GOM Audio runs in Windows 2000 to 8; we ran it in 7. Throughout setup, we could partner GOM Audio with different index sorts; make it our default CD player, and pick different alternatives. Don't stress; they're not difficult to change later on, in the event that you aren't content with the effects.

GOM Audio's default skin is a magnetic tan themed player with docked playlist. At first, the playlist window held an extremely accommodating fast begin aide to the project's most significant characteristics, for example, the Mode bind in the upper-right corner. This bind flips GOM Audio's little fundamental window between collection craftsmanship, counter, or both; right-clicking it rings the primary menu, which gains entrance to all controls, inclination, playlists, power choices, and documentation.

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