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Fidelizer by Developer Windows X is an application that is built with an impressive technology that can easily transform one’s computer system into an audiophile workstation. By installing this small app in one’s system, the user can change their PC’s sound quality and get the best of it without any complex technical requirements or knowledge. The installation and usage of this app doesn't affect one’s PC at all, rather makes necessary amendments to get the best sound quality for listening songs, watching videos, etc. The software is absolutely free of cost and runs on all the Windows platforms like Windows XP, Window Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

In Fidelizer, one can customize the application to one's necessity, on the basis of the three optimization levels provided within. The levels are: Professional, Audiophile and Extremist. Every level provides different elements that build up the system’s sound quality altogether. People can toggle between the sound modes, depending on the requirements and selecting the level accordingly. The UI graphics of the application are well done and customized along with the Core system multi-core optimizations.

The application is undoubtedly efficient and at the same time very effective. It also provides the user with a varied list of advanced settings. There are no perennial modifications required for using this app. It is a good software and includes no risk to the system. It is a software which does no compromise in terms of audio quality and offers an unmatched quality all throughout. In short, Fidelizer is a must have for everyone.

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