WavePad Sound Editor

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The default recording unit of all the Windows versions is WAV. These are much larger or heavier files when compared to other similar portable digital audio formats. Yet, Windows uses the same as these files are much easier to be edited. This is where software’s as WavePad Sound Editor comes in handy. As the name suggests, it is an editor specializing in audio and other multimedia edit. Its interface is quite simple and is loaded with few important indicators, specialized controls and audio signals. Basically, it looks like a media player with beefed up controls.

Brand NCH has been very particular about coming up with an audio editor that would be handy and effective in performing its task. The people from the company wanted their tool to handle almost all the digital audio formats and the new WavePad Sound Editor has proven to be just that and much more. Few of the controls as playback option, timer, sliders for altering view, toolbar, noise reduction controls, zoom function and pitch settings make editing audio files way easier than it is. The zoom feature of the editor lets you expand a particular portion of the song and make pinpoint edits.

Apart from all this, WavePad Sound Editor includes some other interesting extras as well. The text-to-speech tool, batch converter and the tone generator are the app extras that you would get to play with. WavePad Sound Editor is by all means a much better audio editor than the other software’s currently hogging the limelight. Hence, if you wish to master the art of digital audio file editing without facing the pains of the same, you should give WavePad Sound Editor a try. It is one such software which would let you handle WAV files much larger than its own size and would indeed put a smile across your face.