Download WavePad Sound Editor Masters Edition

WavePad Sound Editor Masters Edition software is ideal for users looking for a capable tool to enable them to create and edit music on Windows PC. This tool allows its users to edit voices and music, as well as, add various effects and recordings to them. Moreover, users can opt to duplicate selected portions of any recording and add effects like amplification, echo, noise reductions, and many more with the greatest of ease.

WavePad Sound Editor Masters Edition application sports an extremely intuitive interface, which closely mimics that of a media player’s. The interface consists of spectral display and time indicators, as well as, specialized controls that help in effective manipulation of the audio signal. The interface provides access to the WAV files in two displays with the first one providing the name while the other more information regarding the files.

The interface also consists of controls for playback, a timer, and sliders for zooming in and out, altering the view, and performing myriad other functions. The WavePad Sound Editor Masters Edition program provides a range of editing functions such as copy, cut, paste, insert, delete, silence, and autotrim. This tool also provides a number of features for music restoration including click pop removal and noise reduction. Finally, the batch mode allows for editing or conversion of large numbers of music files with a single click.

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