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Sonic Producer is a solid beat making program that creates some fluid beats, giving access to a thousand sounds. It is especially good for a small business setting or a small music group. Loops of instruments or a collection of sounds can be easily created. It is not localized but an online application. Though the interface looks a bit old and outdated, this program is economical and it is the right program if you are new to the world of beat making.

The interface is so easy to use that it can make even a novice beat maker look like a pro. It has a 16 track mixer which allows you to add and mix up to 16 different sounds.   Along with the 16-track sequencer, each track has its individual volume control so that you can adjust the levels. The interface allows you to add measures on the fly, so that you don’t have open a new file and start over again. It contains a full four-octane virtual piano that lets you converts the computer’s keyboard into a virtual piano. The existing software has around 3000 sounds, and updated sounds arrive on a monthly basis.

You can add guitar amp simulators, percussion, organs and various other virtual synthesizers. You can also record your own audio. You will find that the music is always organized and is always on the beat due to the Sonic Producer’s metronome. By the click of the “share” button, you can directly share the custom beats created to your Facebook profile. The other option to export your beats is through a WAV or MP3 file. You also can burn the music to CDs. Any query regarding the program can be answered by making calls or sending emails to the company. Or you can head to YouTube and watch some video tutorials.

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