Download QuickSoundSwitch

QuickSoundSwitch is a kind of petite tray tool with the help of which you can switch the default sound mechanism. You can simply do this with a single click. This tool is highly applicable for computers with multiple sound cards. It is even workable for systems with a sound card along with a USB headset. Innumerable Windows programs like media players and games are making use of this default Windows sound device. This is the way you can really make things functional and have the best of sound experience. In fact, it is a total bliss with QuickSoundSwitch.

As you can make the best use of QuickSoundSwitch, you now don’t have to take the hassle of going through the control panel for causing a change in the audio devices.

However, in any case you will always have the necessity to restart any sort of audio programs, which you may have kept open before you start with QuickSoundSwitch. This is the best device for you to make use of especially when you have two sound cards in the computer.

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