Download MP3 Video Converter for PC Windows

MP3 Video Converter for PC Windows is an easy to use application to manipulate and extract music. The main utility of this application is to create a music file from any given video file. But that is not all that this application is able to do. You can edit and manipulate many aspects of the music file that would be created to make it exactly like you would want it to be.

You can choose the video file in the format of 3GP, MP4, FLV and other similar and popular formats. And the music that will be created is stored in the form of MP3 and AAC format, and you can choose depending on your need and the way you would use it. With the ability to manipulate meta information, you can accurately provide the names of the artist, album and other such information. You can also alter the bitrate of a given music file to suit the file size requirement.

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