Download FL Studio Fruity Edition

The one thing you will love about FL Studio Fruity Edition is its interface. The dark layout stands apart from all other beat making programs and it is different for a reason - it puts less strain on the eyes. It is quite obvious to people that putting together a mix or beat can take long hours, and hence, the darker tones would be easier on the eyes. With FL Studio you can adjust timing, move the sounds around or even shorten the beat. The creative process is made fluid using keyboard shortcuts like control, Shift, Alt paired with a couple of clicks.

FL Studio has excellent synthesizers, amps, loops and other effects lined up for you. It has a Fruity Stereo Enhance feature containing various filters to alter and enrich the input of sound. You can use this effect to pan, or position the audio files according to your needs. The inbuilt multi-band compressor allows users to select a particular frequency of the audio file and compress or expand it. Most of such software's compresses the entire signal, however, FL Studio Fruity Edition comes across as an exception. The compressor can split the audio signal into different parts and each part has its own rate. The drum–synth plug-in allows you to create 24 programmable drum patches.

FL Studio Fruity Edition supports WAV, MP3 and OGG file formats as output. There is also support for ASIO, or Audio Stream Input/Output. The best thing about the software is that it enhances the basic capabilities of any standard computer sound card. FL Studio gives you a lifetime of free updates. They also have a video tutorial on YouTube for each of their plug-ins.

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