Download Cubase Elements

Cubase Elements is basic yet it has plenty of beat making options. You can create some solid custom beats without paying hundreds of dollars for extra equipment. Cubase Elements has a reliable interface, with easy ways to search for sounds. The work flow can be customized in any way you choose and over a 100 tracks can be edited using Cubase Elements. In fact, it is one of the few programs that offer user flexibility to organize and customize the workflow.

Cubase Elements has 48 audio tracks, and 64 MIDI tracks which may seem limited but you may find it more than enough to create even professional beats. Each track is given with icons that enable you to label the instruments you have loaded into the track. There is also a piano roll mode in the MIDI editing. You can create music quickly in the piano roll mode because you can use the computer keyboard and assign certain sounds or loops to it. Cubase Elements matches the tempo you set every time you drag a sound to your timeline. And when the master BPM is changed, all other sounds automatically quantize and change to fit the tempo.

In Cubase Elements, even the smallest sound libraries have around 550 sounds. Cubase Elements has more VST and plug-in upgrades than most software companies. Multiple channels can be adjusted by the intuitive mixer. It consists of a vast variety of traditional sounds you want to hear in a beat making software like the drum pad, a guitar amp VST and piano sounds. Powerful sounds can be created by mixing a 5.1 surround sound. Cubase Elements is a good audio mixing software and turns your system into a personalized mixing station.

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