Download ACID Music Studio

Sony Creative Software has come out with yet another treat for the music lovers. This time it’s ACID Music Studio, a software that lets you create your own music. It allows you to craft your own beats, decide the tempo and also use pre-recorded sounds from the software collection. You can experience magic at your finger tips while you mix sounds from different instruments together and then adjust the tempo to match the feel you desire for your music. The convenient option in this is that if you start with a particular track at a certain tempo, and add more tracks later, they will automatically adjust to fit the present tempo, the result being professional sounding beats.

Another notable option in the software is the Beat Mapping. When you record several live instruments whose tempos don’t match, beat mapping helps to adjust each sound to match the Beats per Minute (BPM). Beat Mapping is also used to fix the tempo. The interface of this software is easy to use and provides tutorials in the form of videos and manuals to help you learn the software. It also has a ‘Show me How’ function that helps you find what you want.

ACID Music Studio contains over 3000 pre-loaded sounds and effects and there is also the option to purchase more. The software includes quite a few instruments and is fun to use. In terms of support, you get 5 GB cloud storage to store your creations and also allow exporting to CD, MP3, FLAG, ACC and WAVE. Overall the ACID Music Studio allows you to enjoy your kind of music at your comfort. In ACID Music Studio, the users get to choose from over thousands of effects and limitless music.

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