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Ableton Live Intro, known for its support, simplicity and access to a host of additional content is the epitome of beginners’ beat making software. Although the software has a limited feature of only 16 tracks with 8 scenes per track and though only three instruments available, there are several effects you can apply to each instrument. The software includes a little more than 700 sounds. Ableton Live Intro is very easy to understand. Compared to the other beat making programs, you will find that this software has an interface that is class apart.

In Ableton Live Intro, when you get to the preset sound and kits, you would be able to drag and drop the sounds into the editing windows. For an introductory program, Ableton Live Intro is generous enough to give up to 700 sounds, three instruments and 26 effects. The main attraction is perhaps the drum rack, which shows over 16-pad grid, impulse drum sampler with complex capabilities and a powerful sampler with synthesizers. You can also exploit a large synthetic drum library with punch snares and gritty textures.

The program is inclusive of a set sample of synthesized audio, loops and acoustic drums. You will be able to exploit various effects like chorus, looper and reverb, in your room. Ableton Live Intro has many sections dedicated to help you set the software and use it. If you still find it hard, you can always check out the handful of videos on YouTube that come bundled with the software.

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