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A.S.A.Piano is a video tutorial course that offers piano lessons that teaches the user to learn how to play popular songs on the piano. In the course of learning how to play, the user gets basic piano playing lessons. There is also an attached Theory Made Easy course that concentrates on teaching the user the theory of music completely separate from the playing lessons.

A.S.A.Piano gives the user thorough instructions in notation. It also tells the user which fingers to use to play the parts most comfortably. The user can learn scales, intervals, rhythm, technique and other important musical concepts by learning those songs that usually are a mixture of the above mentioned elements. The software has much to offer in terms of video tutorials and sheet music lessons. There are also detailed instructions and crucial lessons that the software offers for the right handed and the left handed individuals.

A.S.A.Piano offers excellent help and support options. The user can directly call or email the creator of the software, the piano expert, Samantha Griffiths. The website also offers a variety of useful information regarding the software and its uses. This software covers the basic concepts of piano learning in totality and binds it all in it.

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