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WebcamMail makes creating and sending video and voice mail speedy and trouble-free. WebcamMail’s user-friendly interface allows sending the user’s first video mail immediately after installing the software. It can also convert video files into Windows Media format. DV camcorder can be connected to one’s PC and have WebcamMail record or convert the DV video tape from the DV camcorder.

The streaming video or audio files created by WebcamMail are Windows Media compatible. Therefore, nearly all computers are ready to play the video or audio file, even a PDA with Windows Media Player. Receivers can watch the video instantaneously without installing any additional software. WebcamMail makes the video file very small and easy to transmit even with a 56k modem an immaculate image quality.

WebcamMail is very user friendly. With just 3 clicks, one can record a video / voice, and send it to friend / friends. If the user decides to send the message afterward, there is also the option to save it, and send it later. With WebcamMail, it is easy to put across oneself in the email for business or for pleasure. Other features comprise the capability to change the data rate to ensure the best quality of the streaming video. And there is no executable file attached when sending video / audio with WebcamMail and consequently no threat of computer virus.


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