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Seedonk has one very straightforward goal, and that is to tender calm of mind to those who want to stay connected to the things that matter most to them in their lives. With the expediency of securely conducting video monitoring on the mobile Smartphone and  Internet ,Seedonk provides with the reassurance to view things that matter most in one’s life like one’s baby, pets, elderly parents, home and business.

Seedonk provides the absolute video monitoring solution. This is the leading web service contributor for consumer video monitoring products. The video monitoring technology provides users and manufacturers with the most go forward, cost-efficient, and dependable mobile viewing services.

It has got extreme easy Setup procedures. Setting up with Seedonk powered cameras is a mere cakewalk. It is plug-and-play. It offers as well Easy Remote Management that one can manage camera distantly in real time from wherever in the world. It is very user friendly. There are push notifications system through which one can acquire real time event notifications directly to one’s phone. Seedonk offers multiple iSecurity+ service plans to match the individual needs and budget of each customer. This software is compatible with the latest Windows XP, Vista, 7 and also with the latest Windows 8.

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