Download Security Cam Alert

Seedonk has one very straightforward goal, and that is to tender calm of mind to those who want to stay connected to the things that matter most to them in their Security Cam Alert from Amperor Direct is an efficient security connector. It provides total security connectivity even if one already has a security DVR system. Security-Cam-Link package gives the user access to the security system wherever one is. There are three parts.

First is Whole-Home Connectivity. From Any TV in the home, one has to press a single button to have an instant access to entire security system - all cameras –and in full control. Second is Security-Cam Link Skype. Whenever there is motion in the user’s home, the system find the user and send both text and picture alert right on the desktop. Third is Security-Cam Link Mobile. Whenever there is motion in the user’s home, the user gets an instant text alert and can retrieve a picture right on the phone.

It is possible to scroll easily back and forth in recent pictures. One can have Direct Access to the DVR control page. There is Real Time pictures right on the user’s desktop. The Timestamp shows time and date of each picture. What makes the product unique compared to the competitors is the cost-efficiency and cut edge technology. The inbuilt Wizard helps to configure the software faster and easier.

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