Download Sarmsoft Webcam

If you are looking for some help with enhancing your webcam so that your webcam works better than ever before, try this new software tool named Sarmsoft Webcam! It features such advanced tools that can even create a very effective surveillance system for you. While offering you an inexpensive way to control your webcam, it will transform your webcam into an useful and powerful device.

The first and the foremost thing that impresses you is its sleek and simple interface. You can have ready access to various customization options that include colors, background and placement. Give a look of your choice to the images you capture and broadcast. Add time stamp, picture or text to them to make them attractive and comprehensive. You can configure the options that the program offers you to have it function the way you would like. Almost everything is customizable with this tool.

An impressive feature of the program is its FTP uploader which is capable of uploading your captured screenshots over a FTP server. You can set the server name, username, password and the time intervals to automatically capture the streamed content. It even features motion detection component that captures webcam and uploads them to FTP or saves in a folder on detecting motion. It supports almost all types of webcams and operating systems so that a wide number of users over the world can benefit from it.

Overall, Sarmsoft Webcam is a handy application for those who are willing to get more out of their webcams!

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