Download Privat Webcam G2

This application is a German Software for your webcam and DV camcorder. This will allow the user to make faster and quicker FTP downloads. This application has unique features that give it an edge over the other webcam software in the market. It is a stable and more or less inexpensive FTP based webcam software making it ideal for the users who require cost efficiency.

It has many special features like an overlay filter that comes with offline-picture function. It also has extended overlay functions and also in runtime texts can actually moved. The user needs to own a homepage that has FTP server. This application that has superfast FTP technology supports almost all types of conventional webcams and cameras. It has no user access restriction and also has a multi skin function.

There are various other features and options like upload-start and auto-connect. It is available in more than one language and comes included with a status-display and a dynamic preview. This software comes as a small executable file and does not take us too much system space. It has an easy and simple user interface making it user friendly. It is easily installed and is a stable and efficient webcam software.


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