Download iFriendCAM

This application is a free video chat software for your webcam. iFriendCAM is extremely fast and dependable. It comes with added support for viewers of WebTV. This application with an increased video output especially for video chat hosts who have a fast internet connection and/or fast computers. This will also allow you a greater adjustment of the compressions that you can make to your images. This is an excellent software for video chats.

It has a function that allows the user to keep the iFriendCAM superimposed over Inernet Explorer or Netscape or any other browser. The function is called ‘always on top’. It has an audible alert in the form of a beep when any viewer leaves your connection list. You can also make multiple IP selection using this video chat software.

In case of users who are exhibiting from a PC which has a modem connection as well as a network card; the PC becomes reachable through two separate IP addresses. On launching this software it will detect the multiple IP addresses giving you the option of selecting the IP address from which you wish your users to connect to you. You can also block viewers if and when you wish to do so.

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